• The Spirit of Summer

    Posted on May 23 2016

    Yess!! Summer is right around the corner! The sunshines, the water sparkles and summer bubbles! Our blogger of the week Khloee Jae looks extra adorable outdoor in the sun with...

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  • SS Collection

    Posted on March 28 2016

    SPARKLE, SHINE and DANCE the summer away with our new collection that will  take you on a journey to the sweet, joyful, and dazzling world of AQUAREE.

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  • Traveling in Aquaree

    Posted on July 08 2015

                                         Life is good at the beach!              ...

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  • Summer Party..Cupcakes, Balloons, to Icecream!

    Posted on May 20 2015

         Summer is here and just the perfect time for a PARTY! What's a party without balloons, cupcakes, ice cream, and much much more! Here is an inspiration of...

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  • Beach Essentials For Kids!

    Posted on May 01 2015

      1. Our Must Have Aquaree Swimwear to look fashionably chic and trendy to the beach. 2. Sunscreen is a must! Always keep your children covered with a strong SPF product....

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  • 10 Must See Attractions For Kids

    Posted on April 26 2015

      Get your passports ready and suitcases all packed. It's time to take your kids to an adventure of exciting attractions and new memories to create. Here is our top...

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  • 10 Perfect Poolside Treats

    Posted on April 09 2015

    It's that time of year when pools are warming up and school is ending soon. It's always fun to plan a pool party for the kids. So, here is our...

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  • Don't Forget Your Sunscreen!

    Posted on March 19 2015

    Sun is shining bright out and it's that time of year to keep the skin fresh. Prepare for the sun with the top sunscreen products to keep your little ones...

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