Beach Essentials For Kids!

Posted on May 01 2015


1. Our Must Have Aquaree Swimwear to look fashionably chic and trendy to the beach.

2. Sunscreen is a must! Always keep your children covered with a strong SPF product. The sun is getting brighter and summer is right around the corner. 

3. A water bottle for each person. 

4. Diaper Rash Cream- Salt water and sand can be rough on a kid's bottom.

5. Beach Toys-To keep your children entertain.

6. Beach Hats

7. Beach chairs and umbrellas to keep you and your children relaxed.

8. Colorful, fun sunglasses to look fashionable and protected from the sun.

9. Pop Sticks! What's so fun without having something cold and delicious to enjoy on a hot day at the beach.

10. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Being in the sun all day makes you hungry! Try to pack your children with easy snacks they can use with their fingers. 

11. Baby Powder -Yes, a must have product when going to the beach. This will help get rid of all the dry sand on everyone when getting ready to go home


12. Aloe Lotion- This will help heal burnt skin and prevent peeling.(Only lotion not gel.)

13. Polaroid Camera-The greatest accessory to bring to the beach. Create memories by taking fun pictures and sharing them to your family and friends.

14. Ziploc Bags- Bring extra bags to put in valuable items such as cameras, watches, etc. Also, great use to collect sea shells at the beach. 

15. Towels- Bring extra towels for bathing, cleaning, drying, and laying down on the sand. 

16. Fun Beach Bags to fit in all your important essentials to the beach.

17. Shampoo and Body wash- It's best to give your children a quick shower before getting into the car.

18. Cleaning Wipes- They are great for spills, sticky hands, sand, and sweat.

19. Floats and Goggles- Great use for beginners at the beach and protecting your eyes from the water.



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